Frequently asked questions

I'm just starting bowls. Will I be able to get some help?

Yes! Coaching is available for any member who would like it. This is either in fixed sessions or individually by arrangement with one of our friendly coaches. Also, we can offer you a 'buddy' system where an existing Member would be your contact and, if you wish, be your guide to the way the Club operates. We have a weekly Club Night where any Member can just join in and play with others. Please speak to the Club Secretary or another Committee member to find out more.

What is the Club's playing season?

Our season runs from mid-April through to September each year.

Who maintains the Club's facilities?

All our facilities are maintained by the Club's members on a volunteer basis. We have a greenkeeper and team who look after the playing surface all year round and other teams which look after the clubhouse, the bar and catering. All Members are expected to take their turn to clean the clubhouse once a season and take a turn serving match teas.

Do I need bowls experience to joing the Club?

No, you don't need any experience. Coaching is available from our experienced coaches if you are learning from scratch.

What equipment will I need?

You will need flat-soled bowls shoes which cost from £20 to £60 a pair. You'll also require your own set of bowls, whch will cost from around £40 (second hand) to £300 (new). However, when you start we have several sets of bowls in the Club which you can use until you know which size and model are best for you. When you're ready to look for your own bowls, our coaches will be happy to help you identify what you need.

As a Member, can I just turn up and play?

Yes, you can provided that there is a rink free. Monday and Thursday mornings are not available, as that's when the green is being maintained, but most other weekday mornings and afternoons there should be space for you to play. However, on many weekend afternoons there will be Club matches which can take up most of the rinks.

Can I leave my bowls, shoes etc at the Club?

Yes you can, but only if you have a locker. These are available to Members for a small annual fee.

Do I have to play in Club matches?

No, although we do have a number of friendly matches which are suitable for players of all standards. These are fun and a good way for new Members to meet other people. However, if you don't want to play in them, you won't be pressurised.

Do you play in the rain?

In league matches, we do play unless it's raining so hard that it threaten the playing surface. In friendlies, we often come off the green if it's unpleasant but can still get a bit wet. Most Members have a set of bowls waterproofs for these situationns.

How long does a game of bowls take?

A normal game of rinks (four players a side) should take around two and a half hours. Other formats will take more or less time.

Can I play, even if I don't know all the rules?

Yes, of course you can. The basic rules are fairly simple and you'll pick these up very quickly. The more you play, the more you'll learn, and other Members will help you especially when you play in friendly matches or on Club Nights. Our coaches can also help.

Does the club have a bar?

The Club does have a bar for Members and their invited guests, selling drinks at competitive prices. It is open most evenings during the playing season and at other times when matches are taking place.

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