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     A (Very) Short History

The Club was founded in 1926 on its present site and, over the second half of its existence it has been developed and improved on a regular basis.  Until 1989, however, it consisted of just the green and a small clubhouse with no electricity.  For a number of years prior to this, an elderly caravan provided changing facilities for the men players until, when we tried to remove it, it collapsed.

The modern era started in the late 1980's, when we decided to erect a modern clubhouse.  With the aid of funding from the National Lottery, Woking Borough Council and loans from Members, we raised the money to do this and the new clubhouse was opened in 1990.

The green was extended in 1991 to make six rinks in each direction and then the clubhouse was extended in 1997 to its present size.  Other changes since then include a watering system for the green and a canopy for the clubhouse.  The ditches were stabilised more recently and additional machinery was purchased to assist the greenkeepers.

Over the years our membership has been a mixture of social and competitive bowlers and has ranged from 30 to over 120.  Many of our matches are "friendlies" in which most members play.  We also play in some local leagues, which are more competitive, and run a number of Club competitions.  Over the years, we have had some success in Area, County and National competitions as well as an International player or two.

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